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Note: 1)Please Download the apk based on your location i.e India/Non-India
2)allow apps from untrusted sources if asked so

App workflow(insync with images):

1)Find this type of app icon

2)you will be greeted by this page(allow the permissions)

3)please register by clicking on the register (password should be basic and not your personal)

4)on successful registration ,press the back button and click on login

5)your login page looks something like this

6)you will have access to the following page then,please click on new trip

7)a map window will come – please type the location press search then press search then directions and then start

8)congratulations you made it,you can keep the app running the background while you drive your car

9) press the end button after you stop driving and kill the app


1)Please Do not use any personal password,we have access to it.Use Something like “12345678”

2)please keep location services on while using the app

3)please kill the app after use

4)Please do not the share the link with non-SAP people.

Contact for tech/non tech/privacy issues

Contact Number(Skype): +91 22 686 76 201
Place of Registration : India